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At times you desperately search for the place that serves the best biryani in the city or where you can grab the best wrap in a 2 Km radius. Where in the city will share the community replies of such Frequently Asked Questions.

In this list we couldn’t stick to only 5 as it will be grave injustice to many amazing restaurants that are doing great. 1. Odisha Hotel, Bhubaneswar Perhaps the best representative of Odia Cusine in the Twin City. Odisha Hotel glamorized the Odia cuisine while maintaining the USP of the […]

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We share the Top 5 Dhabas of 2017 that were popular among the FoodFindo members Bijaya Dhaba The classic NH-16 Dhaba sprung back to life in style. The new look Dhaba came back with a modern ambience while ensuring it retained the old charm of Bijaya Dhaba. Mutton in Clay […]

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We always love places which come up with something which is brand new, it can be a concept, a cuisine anything that is refreshing and new. Top 5 Out of the Box Food Joints 1. The Shack, Naraj This Uber cool rustic setup is probably one of its kind in […]

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