There has been a raging debate over the King of sweets, Rasagola. While West Bengal got the GI for Banglar Rosogolla, many Media reports suggested that Odisha lost the race in securing the Rasagola.

However this was not the case. Rasagola is a generic name and no state has got the GI over Rasagola. What West Bengal was awarded was for the variety that is made in West Bengal and at the time of uploading this video, Odisha is preparing its application for its own variety.

Here I take you to Pahala, which is in the outskirts of Bhubaneswar and makes the Odisha variety of rasagola. Odisha Rasagola is pink or peach in color. It is made of Cottage cheese and is melt in the mouth types unlike Bangalar Rasagolla which is rubbery and makes a squeaky noise when chewing.

So watch this video and my take on this whole issue. Do let me know what you think about this issue.

Music Credits: Open Highway: ALBIS

Location: Pahala, Near Phulnakhra, NH-5, Odisha, India.